Air pollution hurts everyone, but is especially deadly for: 

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Children are much more likely to be sick or have damaged health compared to adults. Their developing immune system, metabolism, and lungs are at particular risk from pollutants.Their nasal passages can’t filter out pollutants as effectively as the nasal passages of adults.






Air pollution can enter the bloodstream of pregnant women, making their babies more likely to be born with development defects and low birth weights.





Elderly parents

Pollution makes elderly parents more likely to get sick from deadly diseases like bronchitis.


Air pollution dissolves in the air and your blood, so it attacks your brain, heart, and lungs

Air pollution kills every 1 in 3 victims of stroke, heart & lung disease, and cancer. It kills 7 million every year, which is MORE than malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV combined.

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Some diseases caused by air pollution: 

  • Lung diseases (asthma, bronchitis, and COPD) 

  • Heart damage (hypertension, palpitations, and heart attacks) 

  • Brain damage 

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Bone problems 

  • Nausea, fatigue, eye irritation and headaches