What is Pavan's mission?

In India air pollution causes millions of deaths annually.
15% of children suffer from asthma and other lung diseases. On average, just breathing the air in Delhi is equivalent to smoking 50 cigarettes a day. Still, the government and media are doing almost nothing to combat pollution. Indians are frustrated with the lack of information and the high amounts of pollution they breathe.

The Pavan team is working on a mobile website and app called Pavan, which means air in Hindi. Our platform lets users track air quality and access easy-to-understand information about pollution. It will also allow people to buy air purifiers and pollution masks on-time so they never have to face shortages and delays during an airpocalypse.

What features does Pavan have?

How does Pavan stay sustainable?

As a social enterprise, we want to help people and stay sustainable so we can do that for a long time. That’s why we sell air pollution equipment from our partners and advertise on our website.
Pavan hopes to empower people to take charge of their own health and breathe cleaner air.